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I rounded up my favorite babywearing products for you guys! We all know I love my Wildbird ring slings, but there are several styles of carriers to choose from. I personally love having different types of carriers depending on where I'm carrying my baby and what I'm doing. The one or ones you go with will depend on your style, budget, and what's most comfortable for you carrying wise. The ones I own and love are at the top and some other great options are underneath. Scroll to the bottom for discount codes and babywearing tutorials.

Wildbird Ring Slings

Available in multiple colors/patterns
$69-$129 depending on fabric

Solly Baby Wrap

Available in multiple colors/patterns $65

Lalabu Kerier

Ring slings are beautiful & versatile. Can front, hip, or back carry (with toddlers). Lightweight, breathable, and can be used from the time a baby is a newborn to 35 pounds.

Soft & comfy. The wrap put Zoe to sleep anytime she was fighting it & helped me stick to her wake windows. Only drawback is it's a little annoying to put on, but once it's on you can leave it on ready for baby. NB-25 lb

Available in multiple colors

The feel of a wrap, but the convenience and weight limit of a sling. NB-35 pounds

Sakura Bloom Scout

Available in multiple colors/fabrics
With leather starts at $220
Without leather starts at $180

Can be used with babies 7-45 pounds


Similar to the Scout and designed primarily for a back carry, but can be used in the front. Based on a traditional Japanese carrier that places baby high on the back so they can see out. Can be used once a baby can sit unassisted 15 pounds+ up to 35 pounds.

With leather starts at $240 & without leather starts at $160

Lalabu Soothe Shirt

Available in 4 colors - $74.95

Best if you want easy babywearing for your newborn and infant

Lalabu Dad Shirt

Available in black and gray - $74.95

Amazing if you want your partner to babywear & great for bonding with dad during the newborn days.

Babybj√∂rn baby Carrier mini 

Available in 10 colors - $80

This is a great carrier if you're looking for something with full support. Can do 2 carry positions-inward and outward and can be worn from NB to 20 pounds

Ergobaby omni 360

Available in 4 colors - $180

Four hip healthy carrying positions and is adjustable from newborn to toddler. Has a storage pouch and offers full support.

Baby K'tan Carrier

Available in 10 colors - $50

Mid-price option with the feel of a wrap, but is ready to wear. Can be used from NB up to 35 pounds

Infantino Flip 4-in- 1 

Available in black - $30

The lowest priced 4 in 1 carrier on the market. Gives full support and can be used from 8 to 32 pounds.

Available in black and gray - $140

LilleBaby all weather 6-in-1 carrier

Ideal if you want one carrier that does it all and you're out and about in any weather.

I just ordered this carrier and am so excited to try it. I don't have any ready to wear carriers and I have read a lot of great reviews for this one. It looks so cute and cozy for baby! Front or back carry.

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